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Increase Your Capacity with a Twin-Blade Board Edger!


A safe and affordable board edger, and perfectly suited to small-scale sawmills — now there is one!

A board edger tops many sawyers’ wish list. Earlier, it has only been an option for the real pro sawyer, since no affordable machines have been available on the market. With LOGOSOL’s Twin-Blade Board Edger C210 you get a Swedish-made quality machine to a price that is far below our competitors.


The benefits of LOGOSOL’s board edger are many:

  • It is a quick and easy way to get the most out of your timber.
  • It is the right machine to increase productivity.
  • Edging boards becomes a convenient and profitable task.
  • The patented design in a compact format gives accurate results.
  • Smart solutions make a machine that is easy to own.
  • It is the safest board edger ever due to its unique design.



Efficient Production

With LOGOSOSL’s board edger C210 it has never been more profitable or easier to get a good result. With the patented design you can from a compact machine get the result that you earlier could get only from the more expensive board edgers. You increase your production significantly, no matter if you have a LOGOSOL Sawmill, a band sawmill or a circular saw. You get more out of the log. In addition, you get a streamlined operation when edging the boards in a separate machine instead of on your sawmill.

Make Use of the Most Valuable Timber

The board edger is primarily used for edging boards from the log sides. These boards are often called the fillets of the log. They are usually knot-free and used in industrial production of mouldings and joinery. As a sawyer it feels good to be able to make use of this valuable timber, which otherwise usually ends up in the woodpile.

Different Options for Installing the Machine

The twin-blade board edger is available with a machine stand for stationary installation. For mobile use it is available with an ATV-trailer under-frame, or adapted for installation on your own trailer.

Optimize production by placing the C210 close to your sawmill. You can continue sawing while the board edger is doing the job. This machine is easy to use and after a few simple steps you have got started.

The board edger can stand being used outdoors. All electrical equipment is enclosed and all parts are rustproof, except for the circular sawblades, but they will not rust in the first place.

Powerful Feeder

The integrated feeder consists of two big serrated feed rollers, both for in- and out-feeding. In its basic design, the feed rate is 15 m/min (49ft 2’’/min). If you want to increase the speed, the gear can easily be replaced.

Unlimited Width of the Workpiece

The board edger’s stepless adjustment of width makes exact setting of the machine easy. The circular sawblades can be laterally adjusted from 30 to 210 mm (1 3/16’’-8 5/16’’), but the workpiece can be significantly wider than that. Its unique design, where one side at the machine table is open, means that there is no limit to how wide boards you can feed in. Just set the desired width and send the timber through. The board is edged quickly and controlled.



What is a Board Edger?

The standard method for sawing planks and boards is that you first cut a log into a cant, and then the cant is cut into planks and boards. The cant is also called the centre yield. To cut the cant you usually take two or more cuts on each side of the log. On these boards still has bark on their edges. To make them into usable timber the bark is cut away, i.e. the boards are edged. A common practice among sawyers is to save these boards and then put them on their edges and cut away the bark on a sawmill. This is time-consuming, and you rarely get maximum yield as several boards of different width are edged at the same time and you cut away more valuable wood than necessary. At larger sawmills this operation is done in a special machine, a board edger, because it is a quicker way and you get more timber from the log.


LOGOSOL’s board edger is a boost for a whole trade. A board edger of the same quality and with the same result as an industrial machine but to a price that makes it accessible to many. We have worked with the board edger for many years to make the perfect product for LOGOSOL and for you as our customer.

Energy Efficient

Maximum height of the workpiece is 38 mm (1 ½’’), which is more than enough when it comes to edging boards. By limiting the cutting height, smaller sawblades and motors can be used. This gives low operating current, which can be crucial when running the sawmill on the same fuse. In addition, it gives a compact and affordable machine.

Patented and safe design

It has earlier been regarded as impossible to build a safe and at the same time compact machine. Traditional board edgers are dangerous machines that are equipped with sturdy guards to prevent the workpiece from being hurled out of the machine. LOGOSOL’s patented design with one sawblade coming from the machine table and one from above has eliminated the risk of kickbacks, and thereby the need for safety devices for this. This way it has been possible to shrink down the machine to a smaller format without compromising on safety or cutting speed.

You cannot access the moving parts while the machine is running. The unique design of the machine gives a controlled sawing process. LOGOSOL’s Twin-Blade Board Edger C210 meets the extensive safety requirements of the European Machinery Directive. LOGOSOL Twin-Blade Board Edger C210 is even safer than a standard circular saw bench. In other words, it is a smarter and simpler machine, with retained capacity and performance.


A Smart and Safe Purchase

Piling up rough-edged boards and finally, when there is time, edge them on a sawmill, is a time-consuming and inefficient method. With the C210 from LOGOSOL you make things easy:

  • You get out the most of the finest wood of the log.
  • The working process becomes more rapid, more convenient and more fun.
  • It is profitable!

In addition, you can feel secure when doing business with us. You can test the machines for 2 months and see whether they meet your expectations. Many of our customers buy our machines without having had the opportunity to try them in real life. In these cases our strong warranties are a prerequisite for buying the product, knowing that we at LOGOSOL keep our promises.



"After having spent several hours using it, I realize how amazingly easy it is to use. You set the cutting width, and sturdy feed rollers quickly and smoothly feed the board through. You get a remarkably good result.”

Mattias Byström

Product Manager LOGOSOL



Technical data

Max. width of workpiece: Unlimited

Max. edging width: 210 mm (8 5/16’’)

Max. thickness of the workpiece: 38 mm (1 ½’)

Feed rate: 15 m/min* (49ft 2’’/min)

Weight including machine stand: 240 kg (529 lbs)


*Can be adapted according to your requirements.

c210 illustration klingor

c210 1 klyvprofil
c210 2 sidoanhall
c210 3 justeringsanhall for klinga
c210 4 klingor
The board is edged in a quick and controlled operation. Edging in a separate machine saves a lot of time.
Side fence for a second edging or for producing lath.
Visible, clear scale for setting the width.
Double sawblades with carbide teeth stay sharp tens of thousands of metres.
c210 5 manoverpanel
c210 6 sidoskydd bred planka
The three motors of the machine are operated from the control panel.
The side cover is opened by the workpiece when you are edging wide boards.

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