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Log Moulder and Beam Planer LM410


A unique log moulder that can do something no other moulder can: besides being a log moulder, the Logosol LM410 is also a jointer/planer for beams of dimensions up to 600 x 600 mm (24" x 24"). It has to run on rails. The track width is adjustable, which makes the moulder fit on most brands of band sawmills, e.g. LT10 and LT15. For Lennartsfors, which has significantly narrower rail width, you need an adaptor to make it fit, but the adaptor is for free. The cutter head is 410 mm (16") wide and laterally adjustable. You can use both planing and moulding knives The planing knives are included. The knife sets in the price box below include the knife gibs. You do not have to remount knives between machining the upper and lower side of the log. There are two models: Environmentally friendly gas engine and 3-phase electric motor. The chip hose and the power cable are held in place by a wire that is suspended between posts, which are fitted to the rails of the sawmill. The wire kit is also compatible with the chip duct of the bandsaw, and with the trailer kit.



Examples of mouldings






150 mm (6") and 200 mm (8") cant pattern, where the knives for moulding the upper and lower side of the cant are mounted in the cutter head at the same time.




Log 150x200 mm (6x8 inches) is a D-log, American industrial timber, which can be moulded in the LM410. This moulding is made in several steps. The planing knives, which are mounted in the cutter head during all operations, are supplemented with the moulding knives.


1. Plane the inner side.

2. Mould the rounded outer side of the log.

3. Mould the upper and lower side of the log.


This knife set makes it possible to adjust the dimensions of the D-log. The height is adjustable up to the maximum width of the cutter head, 410 mm (16"), and the width 120-160 mm (4 ¾" – 6 ¼"). You can add more knives to make a shape that is 200 mm (8").



Technical data

Fits on most brands of band sawmills, e.g. LumberMate and Woodmizer.

Rail width standard 825-960 mm (32 9/16"-37 7/8"). Suitable for both narrow, flat and angled rail types. Flexible wheel suspension which can guide on the inner or outer side, or both sides, of the rails. If the width of the rails does not correspond, adaptor plates can be made for you. The same is true if the two rails have different heights. There are adaptors ready for Jonsered/Lennartsfors/Serra-Filius, Woodmizer LT15, etc.


Measurements and weight

Length: 720 mm (28 3/8")

Height: 1000 mm (39 7/16")

Width: 1400 mm (55 ¼")

Weight: 200 kg (440 lbs)

Lumber dimensions

Max. width: 600 mm (23 11/16")

Height from rails: 600 mm (23 11/16")

Cutter head

Diameter: 72 mm (2 7/8")

Width: 410 mm (16 3/16")

Speed of rotation: approx. 6000 rpm

Max. take-off when planing: 7 mm (5/16")

Max. knife pattern protrusion: 25 mm (1")

Lateral adjustment: 200 mm (7 7/8")

Planing knives are included as standard equipment. The same cutter type as PH260.

Motor options

4 kW (6.5 hp) electrical engine.

9 kW (13 hp) gasoline engine.

Recommended accessories

- Precision log posts, three pack.

- Chip duct

- Chip hose

- Posts with wire for power cable and chip hose.

- Hundreds of different standard molding knives (see our Molding Knives Catalog), including traditional Scandinavian log house molding up to 200 mm (8") wide. Custom-made molding knives can be ordered.



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We give you a 60 day money back guarantee on all machines. You have two months to decide whether the machine suits you. Cutting equipment, planing and moulding knives and other consumable items are not included in the money back guarantee.


Two-Year Warranty

We provide you a two-year warranty on all new machines. It covers manufacturing defects and problems that have occured during normal use of the machines, with the exception of consumable items such as belts, guide bars and chains.


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We want to keep you cutting Lumber! Logosol will replace any part of the sawmill and planer found to be defective within two year of purchase.

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