Electric motor for Logosol Lumberlite 


Logosol’s LumberLite log bandsaw has become even more interesting as a backyard sawmill. It now also comes with an electric motor, which means that it can easily cope with logs with a diameter of up to 65 centimetres.


Logosol Lumberlite, now with electric motor!

LumberLite has been developed by Logosol’s business partner Norwood in Canada. This is a new design that was launched both in North America and on the Nordic markets during 2010. It was initially only available with 9 hp and 13 hp petrol motors.
This versatile sawmill has now been converted by Logosol for electric operation, using highly efficient 4 kW and 8 kW motors. Measured in terms of horsepower, the larger motor has a maximum output of more than 20 hp. LumberLite is a classic type of sawmill that has long been in existence in Canada, known as a backyard sawmill. It has a versatile, reliable design that is adapted for coniferous wood.
If you mainly saw softwood as spruce and pine up to a diameter of 65 cm, then this is an excellent sawmill at a sensible price. However, if you tend to saw oak and other thick, hard types of wood, we recommend the larger Logosol LM Pro model.
At the same time, Logosol has adapted the LM410 Log Moulder to the narrower rail compared to the LM Pro.
“We have actually developed a new version for the LM Pro, which has a larger track width than its predecessor, and adapted the original model to LumberLite,” says Jonas Höglund from Logosol’s development department.
Both variants have a larger track width, which means that Logosol now has log moulders for more log bandsaws of other makes. For example, the LM410 also fits and is used on several of WoodMizer’s sawmill models.

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