The Solo Planer/moulder Is the Best Woodworking Buddy in the World!


  • SolohyvelIt is quick, easy to use and accessible.
  • Bengt-Olov’s favourite product.
  • Wide range of different moulding knives


The Solo Planer is incredibly useful, and a favourite among many customers and for the founder of LOGOSOL, Bengt-Olov Byström. It is easy to set up, which also allows shorter series.


In Bengt-Olov’s new house there is a lot that is made of wood. Among other things, the skirting-boards, cornices, architraves and the window frames are all machined in the Solo Planer/moulder SH230. Throughout the construction period, the planer/moulder has been sited outdoors. It has always been in place, ready to mould and resaw all kinds of wooden details.

One special aspect with this planer/moulder is that you can resaw timber in a very safe way. The Solo Planer/moulder was originally designed to resaw and dimension construction timber. Later on, the ability to mould has been added. The circular sawblade and the cutter head are fully enclosed by the machine housing. When you use the Solo Planer/moulder for resawing instead of an ordinary resaw, the risk of injury is minimal.


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