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Equip your machine with original accessories
to meet your specific needs

The large selection of accessories features a number of tools to facilitate your planing and moulding operation.
Choose among the different accessories and form a machine to your own needs.

Accessories for Logosol PS315

Logosol’s dimensioning saw is in the main built from one single piece of sturdy cast iron, which gives excellent stability and vibration damping. The precision-processed saw table, next to the circular saw blade, goes down under the sliding table, which means that all parts that affects the sawing are connected to the cast iron table. The table is supported by a firm steel-sheet under frame.


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Accessories for Logosol MF30

Logosol’s vertical milling machine is the universal machine in the joinery workshop. It helps you with everything from preparing timber lengthwise and crosswise for finger jointing, to milling complete windows and advanced furniture components. The multi-moulder MF30 is a vertical milling machine out of the ordinary for milling against fence, end and side milling on carriage, curve milling, and milling on X/Y-table.


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Chip Handling

You have lots to gain by having a good chip set-up.


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Grinding Equipment

The Tormek method for grinding is a dramatic improvement in the maintenance of cutting tools.


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Cutting Equipment

Logosol provides a full range of moulding knives, cutter heads, saw blades and other cutting tools.


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Wood Drying Kiln

Sauno Kiln - Wood drying with perfect result.


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Electrical Equipment

Cables, sockets, outlets, power stations etc.


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Protective Equipment

It is important to have proper protective equipment.


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