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Vertical Milling Machine MF30


Logosol’s vertical milling machine is the universal machine in the joinery workshop. It helps you with everything from preparing timber lengthwise and crosswise for finger jointing, to milling complete windows and advanced furniture components.

Vertical milling machine with features

The multi-moulder MF30 is a vertical milling machine out of the ordinary for milling against fence, end and side milling on carriage, curve milling, and milling on XY-table. In addition, it has three unique functions, which you otherwise only find in advanced industrial machines.


  • The cutter can be tilted in two directions, enabling you to do more with the same tool.
  • The spindle can easily be replaced with a high-speed cutter for end milling.
  • The mill fence can be tilted, which gives maximal contact with the surface of the workpiece, no matter what angle the spindle has or what tool is used. The fences can also be moved laterally to fit the size of the tool.

In addition, the machine has a big and stable carriage, which enables you to secure the workpiece for processing of the highest precision.

Three additional machines

As a vertical milling machine the multi-moulder MF30 gives you more for the money; more than you get from any other machine. And into the bargain you get three additional machines. The secret is that the entire motor unit with the spindle can be tilted through 270 degrees! 

This gives you:

  • A tenoning machine with tiltable spindle. 
  • A long-hole drill with tiltable spindle.
  • A plunge router with tiltable spindle.

You have four machines with five functions in the same shell. This gives you possibilities that otherwise would require a whole assembly of machinery, so you save both time and space. There are a great number of accessories and tools for this machine. When using the vertical milling machine MF30, you can shape wood however you like.

A machine of possibilities

The tiltable vertical arm makes the machine easy to use and leads to fewer work steps as the machine can be adjusted for the work at hand. There are accessories available for all sorts of requirements. For instance, there are extensions for the carriage and the table, a kit for curve mouldings, feeder unit, etc. You work in comfortable work postures and can concentrate on realizing your dreams from wood!

High quality gives safety and precision

The entire machine is built around the heavy cast iron table to give as high stability and durability as is possible. The fences and the carriage are strongly built to give the best precision possible. The machine’s simple but robust design makes it secure and easy to survey so that you can feel safe while operating it. The simplicity also makes it extremely reliable in service.



"This machine only gets better and better the more I get to know it: it is easy to change spindle, it has a smart micro-adjustment, and it is possible to angle the fence when making a 45 degree edge – this machine is unique”


Bengt-Olov Byström,

Founder of  LOGOSOL




Technical data

Spindle diameter, standard: 30 mm (1 3/16")
Spindle for end milling (accessory): 6-20 mm (1/4"-13/16")
Max. tool diameter (with standard duct): 200 mm (7 7/8")
Max. tool height: 130 mm (5 1/8")
Number of rev., spindle 3000, 6000, 9000 rpm
Number of rev., spindle for shank end milling 3000, 6000, 9000, 14000 rpm
Fence length 1100 mm (43 3/8")
Fence height 152 mm (6")

Electrical system

Electric system: 3-phase 400V
Also available as 1-phase 220V

Movements of the spindle

Tilting: 270 degrees
Vertical movements: 500 mm (19 3/4")
Horizontal movements: 350 mm (13 13/16")
Continuous output, motor: 3 kW (4 hp)


Sliding carriage length: 1100 mm (43 3/8")
Sliding carriage width: 350 mm (13 13/16")
Sliding length: 1087 mm (42 7/8")
Table length: 900 mm (35 1/2")
Table width with carriage: 750 mm (29 9/16")
Table height: 850 mm (33 1/2")
Weight: 375 kg (827 lbs)

  • Vertical milling machine with several operations
  • The spindle can tilt up to 270 degrees.
  • The spindle can also be adjusted laterally
  • Cast iron chassis.
  • High-speed spindle for end milling.
  • Tiltable mill fence.
  • Easy to replace spindles
  • Full-size and stable carriage with great capacity

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