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Logosol PH360 – Industrial power in a sleek format


A stable four-head planer/moulder for professional production. This completely new machine has its place in environments such as woodworking shops, timber yards, homebuilding facilities and, naturally, in the construction trade. One and the same machine can mould everything from fine trim work to timber blocks with outstanding results.

Unique stability

The powerful cast iron table is the heart of the machine, guaranteeing vibration-free operation. It is bolted onto a stable steel base with solid foundation support. The bottom cutter, side cutters and integrated feeder tables are set into the cast iron table. The top cutter and feed rollers sit in a separate support that is also integrated into the cast iron table by way of oversized trapezoidal bars.

A machine that changes size according to material

If you are planing small materials, such as panels and strips, the top cutter support lays close down to the table. If you want to feed in five-inch housing timber, the top cutter support shifts to a higher position above the table, and the machine changes height both internally and externally. The machine can shift up to 230 mm (9”) in height!

Building around the machine

It is often a good idea to try to get started quickly with production when you get your machine home. PH360 essentially requires nothing more than a good chip extractor before you can get started with your first piece of work. You can even mount it on wheels. But this is a machine that is meant to have a system built around it. The feeder tables are at a set height so they are easy to extend and adapt to manage the massive volumes of wood the machine is capable of processing. Having a fixed hose system for chip management also makes for a significant improvement. Keep things organised, clean and straight, and then you'll keep your productivity up!

Sufficient capacity

Each of the machine’s cutters has its own large motor, sufficient for every imaginable type of processing of every possible type of wood. Feed rate is continuously adjustable up to 30 m/min (98 ft/min). A realistic feed rate for one person to handle is around 6 m/min (20 ft/min), while two people can handle a speed of approximately 15 m/min (49 ft/min) to keep up a smooth work tempo. 

Perfect results

We have taken several measures to make it easier to get perfect results. Among other things, the top cutter has a greater diameter than its predecessor, and it has a double outlet for chip extraction to keep things truly clean and clear and reduce the risk of chip marking. The feeder table has a straight guide that comes in handy when planing flooring, gluing strips, or furniture. A larger and heavier machine is also an automatic advantage when it comes to roughness.

Impressive control panel

All the settings you need can be found on the same side of the machine, which means that the machine can be set up close to a wall, thereby saving space. The handles that set height and width have gauges, so you can easily read off measurements down to a fraction. The lever for rapid setting of the straight guide is easily accessible from the feed table, and therefore also close to the control panel. There is a separate start, stop and lamp for each cutter and for the feeder unit.



Technical data

Through-feed and out-feed from the machine. The five powerful feed rollers also surpass expectations when it comes to feeding resinous and wet wood. Mechanical variable gear for setting feed rate from 3 m/min (10 ft/min) to approximately 30 m/min (98 ft/min).


Knives and cutters factory mounted for four-sided dimensional planing. Top- and bottom cutters are combined straight planing cutters and moulding knives. Both functions can be used simultaneously. You can also straight plane and mould from all four sides in one step. All machines have been test run before shipping.

The machine is easy to set between processing runs. It normally takes about 20 minutes to reset the machine from one mould to another. Logosol has a catalogue with over 500 different moulding knives to choose from.

Moulding dimensions

4-sided moulding
Width: 360 mm (14”)
Height: 10 to 150 mm (7/16” to 5”)

2-sided moulding
Width: 410 mm (16 3/16”)
Height: 10 to 230 mm (7/16” to 9”)

Straight planing (assembly required)
Width: 510 mm (20”)
Height: 230 mm (9”)

Top horizontal cutter

Diameter: 88 mm (3 1/2")
Width: 510 mm (20”)
Output: 5.5 kW (7.5 hp)
Rotational speed: 6000 rpm
Take-off when planing: 0-8 mm (0–5/16”)
Take-off when moulding: Max. 20 mm (3/4”)

Bottom horizontal cutter

Diameter: 72 mm (2 7/8")
Width: 410 mm (16 3/16”)
Output: 4 kW (5.5 hp)
Rotational speed: 6000 rpm
Take-off when planing: 0-8 mm (0 to 5/16”)
Take-off when moulding: Max. 10 mm (7/16”)

Side cutters

Diameter of spindle axis: 30 mm (1 1/5")
Cutter height: Max. 130 mm (5”)
Diameter: Max. 140 mm (5 1/2”)
Output: 3 kW (4 hp)
Rotational speed of side cutters: 6,000 rpm
Cutting depth: Max. 30 mm (1 1/8”)

Included side cutters
Quantity: 2
Type: TB90
Diameter, body: 90 mm (3 1/2")
Height, body: 40 mm (1 1/2”)
Cut, type: Planing knife HSS
Cut, width: 50 mm (2”)

Feed, planetary variator

Output: 0.75 kW (1 hp)
Feed rate: 3-15 m/min or 6-30 m/min (11-52 ft/min or 20-98 ft/min)

Electrical system

Total output: 16.25 kW (22 hp)
All motors are equipped with overheating protection.

Electrical connection

3-phase, 400V, 32 A

US: 3-phase, 220V, 60 A

Dimensions and weight

Length and width: 2970 x 1125 mm (117" X 45”)
Height: 1430 mm (56”)
Weight: 675 kg (1322 lbs)


60 Day Money Back Guarantee

We give you a 60 day money back guarantee on all machines. You have two months to decide whether the machine suits you. Cutting equipment, planing and moulding knives and other consumable items are not included in the money back guarantee.


Two-Year Warranty

We provide you a two-year warranty on all new machines. It covers manufacturing defects and problems that have occured during normal use of the machines, with the exception of consumable items such as belts, guide bars and chains.


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We have 20 years of hands-on experience designing and working directly with Logosol equipment.


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Money Back Guarantee

We only want satisfied customers. Therefore, we offer a 60-days 100% iron-clad money back guarantee.

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2 Year warranty

We want to keep you cutting Lumber! Logosol will replace any part of the sawmill and planer found to be defective within two year of purchase.

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