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Logosol SH410 – A new Soloplaner with Unique Performance


The Soloplaner has become much appreciated by woodworkers and sawmill owners. The possibility of resawing and moulding in one single operation has solved a lot of problems and saved many working hours.

Smart Dimensioning Machine

The forerunner, the Soloplaner SH230, has been a great success since its introduction over 10 years ago. It has been much appreciated for its versatility and simplicity, which make it almost indispensable once you have experienced its benefits. In the successor, Logosol has taken the sawing and planing functions to a new level, which is even better suited for bigger projects and all types of woodworking workshops with high standards.

Resaw through Thick and Thin

Originally, the machine was built for dimensioning of planks and boards in one pass. The timber gets planed to the set thickness at the same time as it gets resawn to the right width. This function is spot on and feels indispensable in all building projects once you have got used to it. Plastic sheets on the machine table enable you to machine both dry and wet wood without any problems with feeding it through.

A Safe Resaw

The machine can also be used as a resaw without the planing function. The Soloplaner has attracted much attention from the building trade, since it eliminates the operation that causes most serious hand injuries at construction sites, namely the use of a resaw. When using the Soloplaner, the workpiece is quickly and safely fed through the machine and is with accuracy resawn into the set dimensions.

Quarter Rounds from Boards

Use the full potential of the machine and fit moulding knives in the cutter head. You can resaw, square, plane and mould at the same time! Examples of products that can be made in one single operation are quarter rounds, floor decking and some mouldings. More advanced mouldings like panelling or crown mouldings can require two or more goes through the machine. You can even produce wide floor boards with tongue and groove!

Professionally Sturdy

The machine is built around a sturdy cast iron table that is suspended by trapezoidal bars in the steel chassis, which stands firmly on the ground. A 4 kW motor runs both the cutter head and the circular sawblade. The feeder is run by a separate motor with bevel gear. The heavy design with vibration absorbing cast iron ensures accurate resawing and a perfect planing result.

Adapt the Machine to the Business

The machine is ready to use in its basic design, the circular sawblade and the planing knives are fitted and set so you can quickly get started with your production, but there are already a number of accessories for the machine. Extra side stops and extension tables for the in- and out-feed side, adjustable feeding speed and, of course, hundreds of moulding knives to choose from. SH410 can take upper cutter knives with 20 mm protrusion, exactly like our largest planer/moulder Logosol PH360!

Order in Time

Even we who are experienced users of the Soloplaner are constantly surprised by how easy it is to use, and are impressed by everything that can be made in this machine. Order your SH410 in time for you next project. We guarantee your satisfaction. As usual you get access to our generous warranties and a worldwide service system that gives you the best service possible wherever in the world you live.



This machine will be of great use in all your woodworking and building projects:


- When building new houses.

- A central function in your woodworking workshop.

- Material preparation for making glulam, 90 degrees angle at once!

- Production of ready-for-use joists, mouldings, flooring, panelling and lots of more.

- What dimensions do you want for your planks? SH410 can fix it at once!





Technical Data


Planing width: 410 mm (16 3/16")

Planing height: 250 mm (9 14/16")

Resawing height: 75 mm (3")

Moulding depth: 20 mm (13/16")

Feed rate: 6 m/min (19 ft/min)

Number of rev, cutter head: 6000 rpm

Electrical connection: 3-phase, 400V, 16A

Total continuous output: 3,2 kW (4.3 hp)

Weight: 195 kg (430 lbs)

Accessories: Extension table, chip set-up, moulding knives, etc.


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