Extend and suit the sawing equipment to your needs

The Big Mill System is a well thought-out line of mounts, guide rails, supports and other accessories, which makes it possible to extend and suit the sawing equipment to your particular needs. The components are divided into two lines; one which aims at sawing normalsized logs, and one which aims at sawing oversized logs.
We have put together four ready-made packages that suit different purposes. When you desire, you can upgrade the packages. Which package suits your particular needs?

Big Mill Timberjig

The Logosol Timberjig turns your chainsaw into a portable sawmill! A superior tool for milling lumber directly in the forest that offers the operator an abundance of upgrade possibilities. Suitable for logs up to 60 cm (24") in diameter.


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Big Mill Basic

A complete kit that contains brackets, clamp-irons, guide rail, angles and other accessories and a plan how to build you own sawmill. Choose the Big Mill Basic to get higher precision and flexibility when cutting the log. Suitable for logs up to 80 cm (32") in diameter.


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Big Mill LSG

Two conjoined Timberjigs. Perfect for slicing up large logs. You can either cut wide, rough-edged boards, or saw beams that are then cut into ordinary edged planks and boards, using one of the two Timberjigs. Cuts logs up to 135 cm (53") in diameter.


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Big Mill Pro

Cut valuable oversized logs professionally. With the Big Mill Pro you can cut logs with very high precision. You can take wide, millimeter accurate cuts through the whole length of the log. The system includes a Big Mill LSG with its two Timberjigs, the mounts from Big Mill Basic, extended arms that hold the two guide rails on either side of the log, and two extra, sturdier fixing plates for the log ends.


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