Which Saw Unit Suits You Best?

All Logosol Sawmills work with all of our saw units. Choose from our powerful electric saws with saw blade or saw chain. If you prefer, you can cut and mill logs directly in the woods with a chainsaw or use an electric saw unit at home in the backyard, on the same Logosol Sawmill.

Gas/Petrol Chainsaw

A gas/petrol chainsaw makes you independent of electricity on the working site and, if you want to, you can cut boards in the middle of the forest. All saws comes with Logosol's two-year warranty.


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Electric Chainsaw

The electrical saw unit is quieter, stronger and easier to use than the gas engine saw. It is the environmentally friendlly alternative for those who have access to electricity on the working site. Available with automatic feeder.


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Log Moulder

If you mill the logs with the Logosol Log Moulder your log frame structure will be completed in a third of the time it would take if you were moulding the beams by hand.


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Electric Feeder

The electric feeder E37 Friction makes working with the Logosol Sawmill more comfortable, and it significantly increases productivity. Compatible with all of Logosol's electric chainsaws, the electric bandsaw and the log moulder.


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