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New Stronger Electric Saw for High-Efficiency Log Sawing


The LOGOSOL E8 Speed Saw is a completely new electric total solution with the focus on results. A special guide bar with a unique stability gives a quicker cut and a finer sawn surface. Working with the Logosol Sawmill becomes more efficient, and well thought-out features simplifies for you when changing chain or carrying out maintenance.

Quiet and Strong

With the LOGOSOL E8 Speed Saw you get a reliable machine where accessories such as water cooling, sawdust duct and bar nose steering are included in the design. The new technology gives lower noise levels, better control during sawing, and higher output from the same motor. During sawing the lubrication is done automatically. A solenoid valve controls the oil flow, which is shut off simultaneously with the saw.

Finer Sawn Surface

The E8 Speed Saw comes with a tapered special guide bar, adapted for log sawing. The unique stability of the guide bar gives a better sawing result with a straighter kerf and a finer sawn surface. Since the bar is bigger, the chain also has to be longer, which means that it does not have to be sharpen as often. The design is optimized so that the chain always stays tight around the whole bar. This relieves the nose sprocket and reduces the risk of wear.

Easier Maintenance

A number of well thought-out features make the E8 model especially easy to work with. You can change the chain without removing the guide bar. In addition, this can be done completely without tools. A transparent sawdust guard helps the machine stay cleaner during operation, which also improves the cooling of the motor. The sawdust emission has been improved so that the sawdust is thrown out away from the sawmill. Keeping the worksite clean from sawdust is important, especially during winter.


The LOGOSOL E8 Speed Saw can be equipped with the automatic feed unit E37 Friction, which makes working with the Logosol Sawmill more convenient and significantly increases production.



Advantages of the E8 Speed Saw


• Optimized for efficient log sawing.

• Finer sawn surface and straighter kerf.

• Lower noise levels.

• Increased durability of the bar and chain.

• Integrated accessories.

• Tool-less replacing of chain.

• Automatic lubrication.

• Sawdust guard.

• Environmentally friendly and reliable.

• Higher efficiency from the same motor.

• Compatible with the E37 Friction and the LOGOSOL Sawmill.

• Throws out the sawdust further away from the sawmill.



LOGOSOL’s Electric Saw, Stronger than You Think!


Certainly, there are benefits of using a petrol-driven chainsaw on the LOGOSOL Sawmill. The equipment becomes lightweight and you can saw boards and timber beams on sites where you do not have access to electricity. This spring it will be even more interesting, as also the Log House Moulder can be driven by a petrol chainsaw. It is the perfect equipment for building sites where there is no electricity or when you want to move the sawmill to the where the log is instead of the opposite.


But if you have access to electricity and can transport the logs to the sawmill, LOGOSOL’s electric saw unit is clearly to be preferred. It does not need to be filled up with petrol, it starts when you push the button, and it is significantly quieter than a petrol-driven chainsaw. The main advantage, however, is the incredible power the electric motors deliver. Due to the special motor winding, the E5000 delivers about 15 h.p., and the E4000 approx. 12 h.p. when their motors are maximally loaded. Both the motors are by a wide margin strong enough to manage all kinds of wood and all guide bar lengths. The motors have integrated thermal protection, which turns them off if they become too hot. To avoid this to happen, we give the following recommendations:


Choose the E4000 if you are usually sawing small amounts of normal-sized logs.
Choose the E8 Speed Saw if you want to be sure to avoid motor stoppage, and when you are going to saw extremely hard or large-size timber.


If you choose an E4000 and afterwards realize that you want to saw a larger amount of timber or engage yourself in more demanding sawing, both the motors can be equipped with forced cooling. These two models are identical with the exception of the motors. The have a big tank for chain oil and a pump that portions out the right amount of oil on the chain while you are sawing. The carriage, which slides on the guide rail, is integrated in the bottom plate. The chain speed stays within the recommended 22.5 m/s (73ft 10’’/s) due to a Poly-V belt transmission from the motor. Guide bars and chains are the same that fit the Stihl MS660, and the chain sprocket is standard from Stihl.


LOGOSOL’s automatic feeder E37-friction, with automatic adaption of the sawing speed and which brings the board to you when returning the saw, is compatible with all of LOGOSOL’s electric saws. The best is if the feeder is ordered together with the saw unit, but it is also possible to install it afterwards on the manually fed model.



Technical Data


Rated power: 4.5 or 8 kW
Weight: approx. 35 kg (77 lbs)
Chain speed: 22.5 m/s (73ft 10’’/s)
Electrical connection: 3-phase, 400V, 16A


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