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Chain Sharpening Robot


Logosol is proud to present a completely new automatic chain sharpening machine.


The patented construction has been developed in cooperation with Markusson Development, a company which has many years experience of automatic chain sharpening machines. The sharpening robot revolutionizes the work with chainsaw mills, and you get the luxury of always having a perfect chain on your chainsaw. If you like, you can sharpen your neighbours’ chains too.

Really sharp

Besides sharpening automatically, it also makes the chains amazingly sharp. Without having any scientific evidence, we can state that the edges of the cutting teeth feel sharper than on a new chain, and this is clearly noticeable when you are sawing. It can sharpen both 1.3 picco chains and ordinary 1.6-3/8" chains, but also 0.325 chains. Both the tooth angle and the cutting angle are adjustable.

One adjustment for one chain sharpening

The machine sharpens one side of the chain at a time. This means that after a while you have to reset the angle of the sharpening head and move the chain one tooth forward to sharpen the other side of the chain. It sharpens ten teeth per minute. Sharpening one chain takes approximately 1.5 minute per side. Starting and resetting the sharpening head takes about half a minute.

It does not burn the teeth

Every Logosol Sawmill owner knows that you should sharpen the chain frequently, but only file off a little, just so that the teeth get their sharpness back. This is, of course, no problem for the sharpening robot. What is more impressive is that it can easily fix a chain that has been damaged by nails in the timber. Regardless of how much take-off you choose, it will not burn the teeth.

It sharpens automatically in the forest too

When sawing, you do not always have access to electricity. Due to the fact that the robot is powered by 12 V you can run it with a car battery. A battery is enough to sharpen several hundred chains. You can also run it with a starting aid for cars, which you can get cheaply. An ordinary battery charger is also an option. The sharpener comes with a detachable cable with strong clamps.

Sharpen while you’re sawing

The best is if the chain has an even number of teeth, i.e. just as many right teeth as left teeth. The number of links is then exactly divisible by four (e.g. 60 drive links). In that case you can let the chain run a couple of turns on each side. Every turn makes the chain sharper until the grinding disc does not touch the teeth any more. If the chain has an odd number of teeth, or if you only want to grind the chain one turn anyway, you fit a small clamp on the chain, which automatically interrupts the sharpening process after one turn.

0 degrees

One thing that indicates that the machine grinds perfectly is that it is possible to grind ripping chains without having any angle. Normally, this is not possible since the slightest deviation on the teeth makes the chain cut obliquely. Again, without having this scientifically proven, we can state that we have tested this with very good results. Sharpening the chain at 0 degrees gives you many advantages: you can sharpen all teeth at once, the cut surface becomes noticeably better and the chain can cut faster.

We have long waited for this

We who work at Logosol have long waited for this kind of machine. The sharpening robot will significantly facilitate the work for all Logosol Sawmill owners. If you compare it with the automatic feeding of the electric saw, the sharpening robot has the same convenience factor. Another thing is that it will most likely give you a noticeably better sawing result and less wear and tear on the cutting equipment.


A true story: A Logosol Sawmill owner in Sweden borrowed home the sharpening robot to test it. The day after, I asked him how it went, and he answered: ”I sharpened 42 chains perfectly!” whereupon I asked how long time it took. He answered: ”Two beers.”


As usual you have a two-month money back guarantee and a full two-year warranty. You won’t be disappointed!



"Grind the chains so that the top-plate angle is 10° and the side-plate angle is about 60°"


Mattias Byström,

Product Manager




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