Keep the cutting equipment in good condition

If you keep your cutting equipment in good condition you will get the correct dimensions on the timber, chains and guide bars will last longer, and you will saw faster. When rip sawing with a sawmill, the equipment is exposed to extreme stress. Both the motor output and the feeding pressure are several times higher than when cross cutting timber, and the saw is run for considerably longer intervals. This makes special demands on you as a master sawyer and it is especially important that you are attentive, and that your cutting equipment is in good condition.


Download the document, The Handbook for Your Cutting Equipment - A Booklet with Care Instructions

Saw Chains

It is important that you choose the right saw chain. Your choice of chain affects the efficiency, the safety and ergonomics of your work. STIHL supplies the optimum saw chain for all applications, output classes and chainsaw brands.


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Guide Bars from Stihl

Stihl guide bars are made of three metal plates that are welded together, and of which the middle one is hollowed. The advantage of this is low weight and high stability. These sturdy guide bars can be used for many applications.


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